Sunday, January 24, 2010

The New Plan

For everyone who could not make it to the meeting at 11 today we have made a few changes to the design.

The new idea:

This is an axonometric view of the new idea. We are still keeping the idea of the nodes and the structure will be very similar to what we were originally thinking.

There will be three different size nodes; each node is a spherical shape (could be any shape, does not have to be a sphere)
-the smaller nodes will cluster closer together and as the nodes get larger they become more spaced out.
-These nodes will be connected similarly to our original idea
-The frame for the nodes will be made out of a very rigid plastic so that it will be light but still rigid enough to hold its shape.

The fabric stretched between the nodes could expand and contract to create more shade when needed

The structure is very similar to before; we are still using a small node that is connected together by steel poles.

Things to work on:
Nodes team still needs to come up with a feasible way to connect the poles together

Physical team needs to make a model of this design to see how it will look and work

We need to consider the wind in our design; with such large shapes the wind could easily cause many problems. One idea is to make the “spheres” more permeable. Like in this picture from Fox’s Bubble installation, the fabric covering the spheres could be broken up into panels that can open and close to allow air to pass through.

One thing that would be very helpful is to come up with a cluster/module of these different sized nodes that can be replicated and fit together to make a larger sized project. Money will probably determine how many times we can replicate this module.

Another thing we could consider is how a person can walk through the space. If these nodes are spread out among the installation at varying heights, how can the person walk around them or can they walk under them?

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